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  1. Samsung i900T unlocked done by Gsmideazone
  2. Samsung SM-J200GU Root & Unlock with read code by octopus
  3. Samsung SM-J105F Unlock
  4. samsung gt-i9100 unlock and imei repair done
  5. Samsung J111F Unlock Done
  6. Samsung SM-G150NK FRP reset Success
  7. Samsung s7 g930f 6.0.1 unlock done :octopus box
  8. Lg nexus h791
  9. Samsung GT-S7230E Flashing Done By Octoplus
  10. samsung sm-j120g unlock
  11. Samsung J500H 6.0.1 Frp Unlock Done By Octopus Box
  12. Samsung g7102 flash after download mode done By GsmhelpCenter
  13. Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung v.2.4.8 - Repair Network/IMEI for many Exynos'es
  14. Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.2.5.8 is out!
  15. Octoplus JTAG PRO Software v.1.4.2 is out!
  16. Samsung SM-J106B Read Code Done By Octoplus
  17. Samsung sm-j105f frp remove done by octapus